Earth Rated Dog Wipes - 100 Compostable Pet Grooming Wipes For Dogs - USDA-Certified 99 Percent Biobased - Hypoallergenic, 20x20cm Lavender Scented Cleaning Wipes For Paw, Tushie, Bum

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  • ✅ 100 PLANT-BASED WIPES -- Earth Rated lavender scented wipes measure 20x20cm, and are proudly USDA-Certified 99% biobased. Wash your dog's face, paw pads, foot, and bums without leaving wet residue or mucky smells. Compostable when finished to reduce the carbon pawprint!
  • ✅ Your FAVORITE grooming products wrapped in one wipe -- All natural shea butter, aloe, and chamomile keep fur soft, luxurious, and free of smelly odour. Fit for the most sensitive puppies. Free of sulfates, and alcohol so they're mild enough for daily use.
  • ✅ GENTLE, YET DURABLE -- Not only are these wipes gentle and hypoallergenic...but ultra-durable, and able to stand up to sharp puppy nails. Daily use is most common, however, customers also love using our wipes to cleanse stressed out foster dogs, and post-surgery when regular baths are not an option.
  • ✅ VERSATILE -- Love to take your furry friend on the go? Portable packaging allows for easy travel and keeps your wipes extra damp, even long after opening! The hard plastic snap closure makes it easy to pull out one wipe at a time, then sealed for maximum freshness. Eliminates mud without a proper shampoo rinse.
  • 💚 WHY EARTH RATED? We are a Canadian company with top-notch customer service. Every product is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We work closely with animal shelters & rescues across North America. Purchasing Earth Rated helps support rescues and shelters through supplies donation.